Author Topic: Stunt Rally game with Track Editor based on VDrift and OGRE for Windows or Linux  (Read 1881 times)

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Stunt Rally game with Track Editor, based on VDrift and OGRE for Windows or Linux

The game features 57 tracks in 9 sceneries, 8 cars and a Track Editor.

The latest Release version is 1.3 (19 Oct 2011) for changelog see: link.

It focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes).

The game and editor both run on Windows and Linux.

For Linux users see Wiki page Packages and Compiling (links left).

Downloads on this page are old, Windows Releases are here: link.

Be sure to read Hardware Requirements before downloading: link.

Car simulation is done by VDrift a great game by itself.

Rendering is done by OGRE, trees/grass by PagedGeometry, Gui by MyGUI.

The road is based on a 3D spline and it's fully customizable in editor.

For more info, read the Wiki pages and Readme.txt file: link.

You can also visit us through IRC at #stuntrally on freenode (webchat) for a real-time chat.


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