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onCourse is the comprehensive marketing and enrollment system for short course providers.

Software Santa's Note: This is BEST Used for Schools or Organizations that have an Intranet or a Web Server with PHP available to them. If you wish to install it on a single computer and run it "locally" from the Web Browser of Choice on that one computer you must go get and install XAMPP on that computer first.

The comprehensive marketing and enrolment system for short course providers

Flexible enrolment engine

Imagine processing multiple enrolments from a single payer, switching between classes, enrolments and other records, sending and receiving automated confirmations, immediate credit card confirmation for payments, real time online enrolments, dragging and dropping data between windows…all this and more    

Communication and sales tools

An integrated website means your content is always up to date. With built in email and SMS functionality you can contact a class or your entire student body at the click of a button. Self service mailing lists and waiting lists assist you in managing pre-sales enquiries and promotional tools give you the power of just-in-time marketing… all this and more

Advanced resource scheduling

Powerful timetables for all your scheduling needs, with live feeds available for tutors and students to import into their personal calendars. View all scheduled programs at a glance, budget your costs and income to determine class viability, modify rooms, times or tutors for a single class session… all this and more    

RTO management tools

Don’t let government reporting get you down! Rest assured onCourse will handle your AVETMISS, CCQI, ePayments and AQTF advertising and certification requirements. Don’t need any of this stuff? Not a worry – onCourse was designed for general course delivery too… all this and more

Server Side versions for 6 popular Server OSes - Client Side versions for Windows and Mac OS X - ALL FREE!

onCourse Features
The comprehensive marketing and enrolment system for short course providers. Free to a good home

Works like you do    Promotions
Offer special deals with promotional codes
Course Sales and Marketing
Integrated website, waiting lists and mailing lists    Online Enrolments
Real time enrolments and credit card gateway
Staff Management
Tutor portals with self service reporting    Student Web Access
Access timetables and course results
Communication Tools
Built in SMS, email and postal tools    Flexible reporting
Built in and user-generated custom reports plus XML exporting
Schedule rooms, tutors and sessions, plus export to iCal standard    Customisation
Custom fields and flexible tagging of records
Budgeting and Financial
Full general ledger, invoicing and class by class profit and loss    NTIS Data
Complete qualification and unit records to build your courses, outcomes and certifications
Remote Access
Optimised for VPN and SSL connections    Government Reporting
AVETMISS, CCQI and NSW ePayments
AQTF Compliance
Website advertising, certificate templates and enrolment reporting    Open Source
Built on open source to keep costs down

# Features

    * Feature Summary
          o Using onCourse
          o Promotions and Discounts
          o Sales and Marketing
          o Online enrolments
          o Staff Management
          o Students
          o Communication Tools
          o Flexible Reporting
          o Timetabling
          o Customisation
          o Financial
          o NTIS Data
          o Resource management
          o Remote Access
          o Government reporting
          o AQTF Compliance
          o Open Source
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