Author Topic: Pacaman Christmas Edition is an open source Pac-Man Clone with EXTRAS  (Read 3182 times)

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Pacaman (Christmas Edition) is an open source Pac-Man Clone with EXTRAS for Linux or Windows systems

Software Santa thanks easy82 at gameboom for posting this game! A tip of Software Santa's Santa Cap to him!

Ho ho ho!
That's right, Santa has brought you a surprise: the beta demo! :)

Disappointed because it's not the final release? Don't be! There is fun inside:

    Christmas goodies. This version is a special edition with a cool Christmas related graphics and audio!
    Revamped AI. It's more fun to play now as ghosts will flee if you chase them, and surround you when they chase you! Also, they're faster, so look out!
    Difficult levels. Some of you have found the alpha demo too easy, so this time you'll get more tougher levels!
    Themeable engine. You can add your own graphics, animations, musics and sounds to the game now. And more options are coming!
    Smoother animations. The tileset texture is bigger and the animations are richer now!
    Enhanced controls. The controls are more responsive so it feels better to move around with Pacaman!
    Fixed bugs. Well, at least, some of them. :)

The controls are the same:

    Player 1 keys: UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT
    Player 2 keys: W, S, D, A
    Pause the game: P
    Take a screenshot: F12
    Exit game: ESC

Download beta from SFML Uploads:
Download for Linux
Download for Windows

--- Have fun and Merry Chistmas to You and Your Family!


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