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Android Market offers quick and easy access to a huge variety of Android applications

About Market

Android Market offers quick, easy access to a wide variety of applications developed specifically for the Android platform. These have been created by developers all around the world, and have been rated by your fellow Android users.
Select the Market icon from your device's Applications screen. You'll see the following:

    Featured - Scroll through the icons at the top to view featured apps
    Applications - Browse all applications or by category
    Games - Browse all games or by category
    Search - Lets you search the Market for apps
    My downloads - View the apps that you've already installed on your device

You can also access Android Market from any web browser at


Using Android Market to browse and view applications is free. Some applications and games may be free to download while others will cost the indicated price to download. Applications that may be downloaded for free will have a "FREE" label.

Please note that application prices are denoted in the seller's home currency, and do not include taxes. You will have the opportunity to view a price with any applicable taxes, with an approximation in your home currency, before confirming the purchase.
FREE Apps:
All Games: 


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