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Tech Support Alert has an editor picked list of the BEST Free Android Apps

Software Santa's Note: I was asked by Tech Support Alert to become an editor, for them, in my field of specialty. I did join them and have been helping out: I tell you this so there doesn't seem to be any conflict of interests. I have linked to Tech Support Alert so many times BECAUSE they ARE one of the best resources out there. Here is another fine Example:


Best Free Android Apps

Android apps (short for applications) are mobile software designed for running on the Android operating system, which is one of the most popular platforms used in cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Since Android was introduced, more than 290,000 Android apps have been developed and most of them are available for download from the Android Market—the online software store hosted by Google—but not all are free. To help you get the best of the free ones, we have selected some gems in each category and added them here in a convenient list with clear and brief descriptions of each application item.

Like the apps and want to give them a try? Search them by tapping the default Market app, or use one of the following ways to install the apps on your mobile device, quick and easy.

Quick Access to Android Market:

    Move your mouse over the program icons and scan the QR Code images on this Android app list with your device’s barcode scanner; Or
    Click or tap the program titles on this Android app list in your PC's or Android's browser, then install the apps from the Android Market.

Best Free Android Apps - Page Index

(or click here to view as one huge page)

This list of Best Free Android Apps now includes 158 apps in 97 categories*. To view all the categories, click the show/hide button on the page. To read brief descriptions of the apps, click a page number.

* more since this was posted at Software Santa!

    Page 1. Introduction / What's New
    Page 2. Home and Office
    Page 3. Image Tools
    Page 4. Multimedia
    Page 5. Disk and File Tools
    Page 6. Desktop and System
    Page 7. Security and Privacy
    Page 8. Internet and eMail
    Page 9. Phone & Messaging
    Page 10. Network, Website & Server
    Page 11. Education
    Page 12. Games

Go get them! The Articles' start page:
The BIG List of handpicked Apps:


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