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Image Generator Links 2014 lets you Make Custom Graphics/Clipart Online

A list of Custom Generator Web Sites!!!

Image Generator Links 2014, Make Custom Graphics/Clipart Online.
Create free custom graphics & clipart online without any software! 

    Fake Magazine Covers (500+ magazines, upload photo, be a star or "cover girl/boy")
    Your Face On Different Body (500 faces, insert your "mugshot" to another person's body)
    Novelty Fun Templates (500+, put your photo into fun scenes & funny signs)
    Scrapbook Creator (250+ digital scrapbooking layouts, upload photograph, add text, etc)
    Mirrorizer (make 2 or 4 pane/panel mirror effects, cropped area forms the illusion)
    World's Best Person (300+ certificate/award like photo mash-ups, you're the greatest)
    Comic Creator (add speech clouds & thought bubbles to photos for talking pics)
    Special Effects (100+ overlays to put over your mashable photo, why use PhotoShop?)
    Photocards (500 printable postcards with your photograph, all seasons & occasions)
    Add Props & People (500 cutouts of famous people & items as neat overlays)
    Add A Frame or Border (300+ nice edges for photographs, a simple customization)

    Fake Magazine Covers (500 fake and popular magazine cover overlays)
    Silly Scenes (100 funny Flash scene overlays, take a pic)
    World's Best Award (250 certificates to put your video capture in)
    Greeting Cards (200 mini templates, add personalized text message)
    Your Face On Another Body (choose from 400 body scenes)
    Borders (50 various borders and edges to spruce up a webcam)
    Frames (25 art or mirror frames, take a snapshot)
    Hairstyles: Women's short, medium, long, wedding, funky, up or mens

    Fan Sign Generator (500+ people & things, add text in signs held by your best fans)
    Sign Generators (500 fun templates, wide variety of neat photos/images to change text)
    MAKE A LOGO (COOL TEXT EFFECTS, thousands of possibilities, make sigs/headers)
    Warning/Safety Sign Builder (print 1,000+ 500x300 pixel signs for workplace/office, samples)
    Dummies Book Cover Maker (4 styles, change the cover on the DIY learning book covers)
    Comic Strip Generators (1,500+ cartoon characters, from babes to political figures like Bush)
    Free Web Page Counter (1,000+ text styles, change background color, copy/paste code)
    Insult Generator (Flash movie, type a name to give jerks a custom URL & random insults)
    Tarot Card Name Generator (32 tarot astrology cards, from death to the devil)
    "Post-It" Note Generator (6 creative reminder notes for your site/blog, post your message)
    Garbage Pail Kids Card Generator (collector cards for kids, parody of Cabbage Patch)
    Smiley Generator (350+ happy face messages to personalize, bigger is better)
    Wallpaper Generator (500+ backgrounds, post notes to desktop or tag public computers)
    Blog Header Image Maker (500 headers to change, create title bars for your blogs)
    Confucius Says Generator (5+, make the Chinese wisdom prophet say your whimsical quotes)
    Nigerian Scam Placard Generator (5+ Nigerian scammers, they are known to pose for signs)
    License Plate Maker (1,000+ plates, put caption on your state/province plates Canada/USA)
    Presidential Seal Maker (text around the US president's "official" seal, controversial fun)
    Support Ribbon Generators (25+ causes, support a cause from American troops to gay pride)
    Garden Label Generator (make pretty/cute inspirational graphics, flowers to golfing)
    Famous People Message Generators (shoot the celebs game or make captions, 500+ faces)
    Glitter Text Effect Maker (600+ glitters, 200 fonts, make "bling sparklies" effects, txt2gif)
    Online Banner Ad Designer (ultimate banner ads creator, 20,000+ blank banners to edit)
    RSS/XML Button Maker (make nice/neat tiny 80x15 pixeled buttons for your site/blog buttons)
    Web 2.0 Buttons (100+ clickable button styles for your website or ebooks)
    Gamers Sig Generator (1,000 screenshots of classic gaming, memories of arcades)
    Arcade Games Pics (150 gaming/gamer imgs from MAME emulator bezel artwork)
    Avatar Maker (2,500 avatars, create custom square profile images on forums/blogs/profiles)
    Graffiti It (working forms, testing new more realistic text effects, several graffiti art styles)
    Birthday Wishes (10+ send ecards for birthdays or make some party graphics)
    Show Your Love (10+ romantic ecard templates, use for Valentines or show affection)
    Virtual Flowers (15+ greetings with flowers, flower e-cards for mom or show romance)
    It's A Baby (announce baby shower or just make some cute clipart from 20+ templates)
    Celebrate The Holidays (20+ greeting cards for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, seasons)
    Safe For Kids (40+ images that children would like, personalize your child's name)
    Danger Label Maker (50+ fake sign styles, dangerous sayings & safety labels for home/office)
    Warning Label Generator (simple danger type signs, 100+ designs, design hazard labels)
    Square Sign Generators (fake sign clipart creator, lots of colors to choose, many fonts)
    Your Country's Flag Message Generator (choose from over 220 world countries, made in PNG)
    Country Flags Banner Creators (220 worldwide flags, make free banner ads for sites/blogs)
    Skeleton Bones Logo Maker (script breaks word into letters, displays clipart per letter)
    "I LOVE" Generators (50 kinds, create banners/buttons/titlebars with the "IYGENERATOR")
    Watermark Creator (put custom captions on any online JPEG or GIF to copyright web image)
    Barcode Creator (make custom barcodes, few styles to select from, barcode39/UPC, etc)
    SIRD Stereogram Maker (like the "Magic Eye" pics you must cross your eyes for)
    Anti-Spider Text Hider (make text "unGoogleable", hide text in pics, avoid web crawlers/bots)
    Email Sig Creator (converts text to *.PNG, mask/protect/hide emails from spam robots)
    Spiffy Text (create personalised 3D WordArt, great for headers, logos, fancy text)
    Flash Sign Generators (75 old school *.SWF format, great for MySpace, hot-linking allowed)
    Monopoly Card Generator (make your own Chance or Community Chest cards, 12 designs)
    Animated Text (fill the text form, scrolling marquee, 30 frame animation, for future scrolling LED signs)

    Make Your Own Sign Generator! Just find or take a picture where someone or product has a text area that can be cleared out (using GIMP freeware photo editor) & then import the photo to our "Sign Generator Maker", here's a visitor's creation HERE as a sample or see the uploaded photos HERE (over 500 templates). "The Stamper", 500+ larger img templates to personalize, many new samples below, you can even import your own 650X650 maximum sized pixel photo URLs so you can add cartoon caption bubbles or make your own sign generators. There are about 100 samples below in the single template section to show it's power, new singles are definitely samples.
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