Author Topic: Hidden DVD Easter Eggs has a great list featuring Over 4100 Eggs so far  (Read 1514 times)

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Hidden DVD Easter Eggs has a great list (featuring Over 4100 Eggs so far)

Exactly what is an Easter Egg on a DVD?
Easter Eggs are undocumented features available by finding hidden links within the various menus found on a DVD.

Easter eggs started in computer software as a little way of giving credit to the dozens and even hundreds of programmers who worked on an application. To my knowledge, the first such "Easter Egg" was in 1984's Macintosh operating system. By holding down the Option key and selecting the Apple menu, the first item becomes "About the Finder" and a crude B&W graphic of Silicon Valley would come up with the names of all who worked on the OS. For those who use Adobe's PhotoShop, try selecting "About PhotoShop" with the Option and Command keys held down for a very different version of the About... dialog box.

For centuries, people have decorated eggs for Easter celebrations and a century or two ago, it became the custom to hold egg hunts out in gardens. In 1885 the ruling family of Russia, the Romanovs, began a tradition of commissioning Carl Fabergé to create increasingly elaborate jeweled eggs which were exchanged by the family at Easter. Most of the known 50 eggs created contain hidden surprises such as miniature portraits, miniature coaches, and even clock-work birds that sing. It is for these beautiful works-of-art that software and DVD Easter Eggs are named.

I can only keep this current with your help. Click on the "Submit" button at the top of that page to let me know of Easter Eggs you've found on the newest DVDs. Since all submissions will be received with a time and date stamp, every effort will be made to give proper credit to those who submit an egg first.

Have fun!



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