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XSkat lets you play the card game Skat on Linux, Windows, OS2, UNIX/X11, and Macintosh Intel OS X

Welcome to XSkat

XSkat lets you play the card game Skat as defined by the official Skat Order on any Un*x machine running X11.


    Single- and multiplayer mode.
    Playing over LAN or IRC.
    Game lists and logs.
    Three types of scoring.
    English or German text.
    German or French suited cards.
    Selectable computer playing strength.
    Pre-definable card distributions.
    Variations: Ramsch, Bock, Kontra & Re, ...

For more information see the XSkat Man Page.

Here you will find the latest version of the XSkat source code.

XSkat binaries are part of several Linux distributions.

It has been ported to OS/2, Mac OS X and Windows as well.


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