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The American Health Journal is an award-winning health care TV show (and website)

American Health Journal does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Software Santa's note:  Videos relating to health education - in general.

Parents and Guardians Beware (Be Aware) of the WOT safety comment: Not exactly child friendly. This site may have 'too much' sex education material that might be accessed by children, inadvertently. Openly accessible videos about Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) or robotic laproscopic prostate surgery - for example.

About Us

The production company was founded in March of 1976 and has continuously provided it’s clients with the best in award winning television production.

“The American Health Journal” has been produced by Windsor Broadcast Productions since 1988.

The American Health Journal is a highly rated, award-winning health care television program that airs on PBS and other national network affiliates which reaches over 30 million households. The American Health Journal has received over 91 national and international awards that include over 15 Telly Awards, over 15 Communicator Awards, 7 Vision Awards, 6 Davey Awards, just to mention a few.

Each 30-minute show features 6 segments with a diverse range of specialists discussing a full spectrum of medical topics.

The American Health Journal interviews doctors on location and follows them in their working environment as they interact with their patients and staff. Each segment combines an on-camera interview, along with graphics and animations, to create a fast-paced program. Each interview provides a wealth of knowledge to our viewers, in an easy-to-follow interview format which highlights the local family doctor to a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine.

Ther American Health Journal is hosted by Emmy Award winning Roger Cooper, a respected broadcast Journalist who has been anchoring the news for over thirty years. The special assignment reporters are Lora Windsor and Roland Perez.

The American Health Journal has been dedicated to educating the public on health care issues since 1988 by providing our audience information on the latest medical treatments and discoveries.


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