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Where's My Droid can get your phone back even after it is missing! The "Lite" version can be remotely installed from The Google Apps Store. And the Complete and Ads free PRO version costs ONLY $3.99 - a Good Deal!

Select your version

Select the version of Where's My Droid you have installed. If you have already lost your device and don't have any version installed, look into the remote install of the lite version.

Lite Version:

Quick Use
To use the app, text "wmd ring" to make the device ring or "wmd gps" to get its location sent back to you.

Stealth Mode
Stealth mode is a way for you to send any attention word to your device without the text being seen. This is great for when your device gets stolen and you don't want the thief to know you are getting his/her GPS location.

In WMD Lite stealh mode is permently enabled and always in use when sending an attention word.

Feature:    Ring   |   GPS   |   White/Black List   |   Remote Install

Ring Feature
By default Where's My Droid has ring and vibrate enabled. You can disable one or both of these features if you would like.

   1. Open the app on your device.
   2. Click on 'Ring Setup'.
   3. Enable or disable feature as you see fit.

Using the ring feature
   1. Lose your device.
   2. Borrow someone else's cell phone.
   3. Text "wmd ring" to your lost device's phone number.
   4. The losed device will start ringing, even if your device was set on silent mode!

Lite GPS Feature
By default Where's My Droid Lite has GPS enabled. Meaning anyone could text you the attention word and get your location. Its recommended that you set up the white list feature to allow only those you trust to get your location.

Using The GPS feature
(Note: Do not test this feature by texting yourself.. you could cause an infinite loop!)
   1. Your device is lost and not in you immediate surroundings, such as your house or car.
   2. Use another cellular phone to text the lost device the GPS attention word which is fixed as "wmd gps" (it is not case sensitive).
   3. Then, you will receive four text messages. The first message will inform you the lost device received the message and the app is retrieving the GPS coordinates. When the app gets the lost device's location it will text the latitude and longitude, a Google map link, and the nearest address to the device.

White/Black List Feature
Picking a mode
Where's My Droid can be set up with access restictions by phone number. The white list only allows the numbers on the list to activate the app. The black list blocks the numbers on the list from activating the app.

   1. Open the app.
   2. Open the White/Black list
   3. Click 'Enable' to turn this feature on
   4. Choose which mode you want to use: White or Black
   5. Enter up to 10 numbers you want on the list
   6. Click 'Save'

Remote Install feature:

Getting started
Where's My Droid Lite is the only version the successfully supports remote installing from the Android Market. This allows you to find your device even if you have already lost it. The only requirements are that you have data enabled on the device and a Google account logged into the device. (Most do as you need a Google account to access the market)
   1. First you need to follow the link below to the market.
    WMD Lite on the Android Market
   2. If your not already logged into Google you need to log-in in the top right corner of the Market
   3. Once logged in you can click 'Install' next to the app icon
   4. Next, select your device and click install to accept the permissions
   4. Give the app about a minute to install.

Using The App
Now that the app is installed you can click the instructions above for which feature in the Lite version you want to use.

Where's My Droid Commander
Commander is a web based interface that you can use to control the Where's My Droid app installed on your device. You will first need to setup Commander on the device from with the WMD app. Once the app is ready you can continue to the Commander from the link below. You will be asked to login using your Google account. (Note: Your information is safely transmitted to Google for login)

Lose your phone? Install WMD Lite and GET it BACK!


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