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ScreenSaver Commander lets you manage your screen savers for Windows systems

Software Santa LOVES his Copy! A Software Santa Pick!
This goes GREAT with those Really Slick Screensavers made by Terry Welsh! Go snag them first, then grab this next!

Free Screen-Saver Manager

ScreenSaver Commander - best free Windows screen-saver manager and randomizer.

Manager And Randomizer of Screen-Savers

"Do not limit yourself.
Use all that you like."

Almost everyone has their own favorite screen-savers. But if you have more than one lovely screen-saver you may have difficulties: which one to choose?

Nevertheless, this problem can be easily solved. The ScreenSaver Commander provides an option that Windows lacks. Using this software you will be able to manage your screen-savers, and run them in whatever order you wish. So, you can enjoy not only one screen-saver, but all your collection!

The program gives you many more functions to control screen-savers than the standard Control Panel applet allows. You will be able to change time-out in hours and seconds, preventing a screen-saver starting if specified applications are running, minimizing all windows and so on.

Key Features:

Automatically / manually create and edit a list of all the pre-installed screen-savers. For every start of the Windows screen-saver, random screen-saver will be selected from the list that you can create and edit at any time!
Edit order of screen-savers in a list in which they will be played, or make them selected randomly.
Specify playing time for each screen-saver in a list.
Test / view the information, and change the settings of all the screen-savers.
Change the screen-saver system settings, and the display power-off options directly — simply by using the tools.
Create a list of conditions, to prevent start of screen-saver if any of specified windows are present.
Run your favorite old screen-savers, which cannot be used currently with standard Windows features.

User Opinions:

"I'm a big fan of screen savers, and I just want you to know how much I appreciated your "ScreenSaver Commander", it works beautifully and it has a personalized look that I like. I'm running it most all the time."

David Donovan, photographer

"Hats Off to you!!
I love your ScreenSaver Commander software... It now allows me to use an old screen-saver that wouldn't run or show up in the screen saver list in Windows XP.
The screen saver in question was the original Energizer Bunny one created in 1996 where our manic pink friend drums across the screen, appears on a swing, levitates while ears work as helicopter blades (all accompanied by sound) and he tosses humorous Post It notes on the screen.
Thank you for allowing me to use this great screen saver."

Beverley Harvey

Release Information:

Version:    ScreenSaver Commander 1.3
Date:        17 Sep 2008
File Name:
File Size:    283 Kb
License:     Freeware
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