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Java Graph draws diagrams using standard y(x), polar r(a) or parametrical x(t), y(t) coordinates ... and it WAS called Plotter before ....

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This program draw graphs of the functions in standard y(x) form, and polar form r(t) and parametrical ones x(t) y(t). One can print the graph.

You can omit multiply signs, that is right  -  for example y(x)=2sin(2x)cos(x+4)

Program interface is very simple, but i want to explain some of the edit boxes.

In the top of window you can see edit boxes which define the function in string form. Plotter recognizes the functuons sin, cos, tg, ctg, arcsin, arccos, arctg, arcctg, sh, ch, th, cth, exp, lg, ln, sqrt, % - remander as in c-language, ^ - power, one can omit multiply signs as well.

xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax - are the limits of x and y

step is a step of argument.

current x, current y show current coordinates of the mouse (current x lies between xmin, and xmax, analogous for current y)

If you set function as a parametrical curve or in a polar form r(t) then you can see some additional editboxes which are tmin and tmax. They show you minimum and maximum values of parameter t. Step editbox shows step of variable t now.

To redraw plot after changing formula or some parameters press F5 key or button redraw.

Additional options.

You can select a rectangle on the screen by pressing left mouse button and drag the mouse. If you release left button, program recalculates xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax and redraw the graph.
Press right mouse button to make area of drawing bigger.

Note. If the function was misprinted then you'll see error message.,english
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