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Planestate is a extremely configurable electropaint inspired 3d screensaver

Planestate is a extremely configurable electropaint(tm) inspired 3d screensaver that shows an endless helix of whirling colors mix, twist and turn to form a never ending display of hypnotic and meditative motion patterns. The screensaver can create a patter that fits your every emotional state. It can create everything from fast spinning hypnotic, mesmerizing motion patters with colorful blended planes to slowly moving relaxing lines that makes you calm down and set your mind at rest. Because of the extensive configuration screen only your imagination limits you what can do. Just remember that the beauty in this screensaver isn't in the still pictures it generates. Its in the motion the planes takes from place to place.

Electropaint is a US Trademark of Tristram Visual


Alpha blended points, lines and texture mapped planes
Extensive configuration screen (There are over 3x30 sliders for you to play with)
5 different backgrounds that can work as screensavers on their own (All are fully configurable)
16 different plane animations as a default but you can create your own
Very low cpu usage

This screensaver needs a windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP machine with a 3d accelerator card that has OpenGL or DirectX 7 support.

Planestate v1.52 540kb, released 20 Nov, 2000

Planestate is freeware and may as such be used as much as you like.
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