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Camera Remote Android Application lets you remotely record by Wi-Fi

Camera Remote

Control Camera Remotely!

Camera Remote Main Functions:
1. Bluetooth Mode and WiFi Mode
2. Remote Camera Control from another Android, Notebook, or Desktop PC.
3. Remote Viewfinder (realtime)
4. Record preview frames and play instantly.
5. Take remote photo, list, and dwonload images.
6. Change remote camera settings.
7. Change preview frame rates.
8. Change UI (user interface) skin colors.
9. Sound on/off
10. File Explorer
11. Image/Text viewer
12. Record Player

For more information please visit following link.
Camera Remote Help:
Camera Remote PC Help:
Camera Remote PC Application Download Link:

For this version 6, Android Camera Remote version must be Free (2.1.1) and Pro (1.1.1) and above versions to work properly.

Android Camera also could be controlled by using Camera Remote PC desktop application.
For more information please check help section, or visit above links.

With WiFi mode, the remote android camera would be controlled from far distance than Bluetooth mode.

With Bluetooth mode, it is very useful if there is no network connection available.
(Note: Application is based on the Bluetooth Chat android sample application.)


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