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Family Finder Android App Helps You Keep track of friends or family members.

App Description
Do you want to keep track of family members?
Do you want to make sure they're safe?
Did you misplace your phone?
Want to know if your boyfriend is where he says he is?

What's New
Version 2.0.2 Update:
Support for the Android 1.5 and above. (recommended 2.1 and above)
New Location Message function, members now could add short messages to the own location
New GPS status and Location Accuracy information are displaying on the map
Update on Add New Member function

Family Finder Main functions:
1. Keep track of family or friend members.
2. Track the lost phone.
3. Save my location to track parked car, motorcycle, or bicycles.
4. Save and view map images for the later reference by using included file explorer and image/text viewer.
For more information see the application help sections.


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