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TaskUnifier is a task management software based on the well-known GTD (Getting things done) methodology

More about GTD:

Windows, Linux, Mac...

As it is written in Java, TaskUnifier works on any operating system supported by Java.

The Windows version is provided with an easy installer. Concerning the Linux and Mac versions, it is even easier, simply unzip the file and you are ready to go.

Synchronized data

TaskUnifier supports plugins, this allows you to synchronize your data (tasks, notes, folders...) with third-party websites like Toodledo.

You will be able to manage your tasks everywhere.

Customize the appearance

Select one of the themes provided with TaskUnifier and customize the appearance of the whole software.

Change the color of the tasks, folders, contexts, goals and locations to identify them immediately.


TaskUnifier has been translated in English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (simplified and traditional).

You can also customize the date and time formats.


TaskUnifier works behind a proxy.

Subtasks, tags, folders...

TaskUnifier supports subtasks, tags, folders, contexts, goals and locations.

Find and organize your tasks depending on your current project or location.

Divide big tasks into subtasks in order to have a better view on what has still to be done.

Manage notes

TaskUnifier supports notes. You can organize your notes by folder.

Calendar view

TaskUnifier can display the tasks in a calendar.

This will give you a quick overview about the tasks of the day/week.

Quickly create new tasks

TaskUnifier allows you to create templates. A template contains default values for a task.

This allows you to quickly create new task without having to fill in all the fields again and again.

Sort and filter your tasks

TaskUnifier provides a powerful engine to sort and filter tasks.

You can search on anything you want, will multiple conditions.

Create repeating tasks

TaskUnifier allows you to create repeating tasks.

It can also remind you when a task has almost reached its due date.
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