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Mobile Nations is #1 for all things mobile, and is the "United Nations of mobile devices" ...

Mobile Nations launched in 2011, evolving the ten year old Smartphone Experts brand into the largest network of mobile communities on the planet. Unifying Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central, we like to think of Mobile Nations as the United Nations of mobile - independently each community stands strong on its own, built upon its own core group of mobile experts and enthusiasts. Together Mobile Nations accomplishes more, reaching over 16 million unique worldwide visitors.

Android Central

Android Central stands at the center of the Android universe. With bigger and better coverage than anybody else, Android Central is the trusted authority for the latest and greatest in Android news from Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, and all the rest, along with app and device reviews, in-depth help and how-to's, and the best forums on the net.


CrackBerry is the #1 website in the world for BlackBerry users and abusers. As the single largest BlackBerry news and community site, CrackBerry leads with the best and most in-depth BlackBerry 10 device and app coverage, the latest news, useful help articles, a vibrant forum community, and everything in between.


iMore is the leading source for everything Apple, from iPhone to iPad to Mac, from iTunes to iCloud to whatever comes next. Each and every day, iMore brings readers the most important and most relevant iOS and OS X news and opinion, app and accessory reviews, help and how-tos, forums and podcasts, and much, much more.

Windows Phone Central

WP Central is the hottest site for Windows Phone news and views, in-depth app and accessory reviews, help forums and podcasts. Day in and day out, WPCentral brings you everything you need to know about Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and all the major Windows Phone players, and rounds it all out with insightful coverage and commentary on Windows 8, Xbox One, and more.

Smartwatch Fans
If you've registered with the site, thanks for joining!! You're now a valued member in the #1 smartwatch help and enthusiast community on the net. And if you're reading this but have yet to join, what are you waiting for? This is the place to be if you own or are thinking about buying a smartwatch.

What's this place all about?
Our ongoing mission is simple - to ensure Smartwatch Fans is the #1 resource and community for all things smartwatch related. Whether it's staying updated on the latest smartwatch news and rumors, reading reviews and getting advice on which smartwatch to buy next, or getting help with that new smartwatch you just purchased, this is the place for you. We want all smartwatch owners to get the most of their ownership experience. And we want to make owning a smartwatch be fun and awesome. This community is here to bring smartwatch enthusiasts together so we can bond over our mutual interests, help each other out and have a blast doing it

Who runs this site?
Smartwatch Fans is owned and operated by Mobile Nations. With over 6 million registered members and 26 million visitors per month, Mobile Nations has been running the biggest and best smartphone focused communities on the net for over a decade now. Our history goes back to early days of smartphones with sites like Visor Central and Treo Central, and we currently run leading mobile destinations including Android Central,, iMore and Windows Phone Central.

We're excited that Smartwatch Fans is our first community that moves its core focus beyond phones and tablets tied to specific mobile platforms. Whether you're an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry phone fan or device owner, all of us have a common interest in smartwatches. As I type this we're still in the early days of smartwatches, but you can feel the momentum that is building. By being active in the Smartwatch Fans community, you're not just on the sidelines watching what happens, but will be playing an active roll in how the smartwatch story continues to evolve. Manufacturers in the industry pay attention to our Mobile Nations communities, and that means they'll be paying attention to the forums on this site.

Mobile Nations Passport Enabled: It's important to note that if you're already a member of any of our other communities, that your username has already been reserved for you at Smartwatch Fans. To claim it, simply login with the same info and your account will be activated (if you're already logged into one of the other sites, simply click the login link at the top right corner and we'll automatically log you in). Likewise, if you're not a member of our other communities, what you register here you can join any of them in just a click.

Running the Day to Day: Running the day to day homepage editorial content on Smartwatch Fans is your Editor-in-Chief, Adam Zeis. The forums fall under the management of our Mobile Nations Community Manager, James Falconer.

You'll see plenty of writers from across our Mobile Nations sites joining Adam on the blogs, and as always our forums are supported by volunteers who put in lots of time and love to keep things running smooth.

The goal will also be to deliver a great experience to our users, so expect things to change a lot as we continue to grow and learn, always with that goal in mind.

Why Smartwatch Fans?
Well, whether you love or hate the name, you can can praise (or blame) Adam Zeis for it. We spent a lot of time in 2013 at a team debating what we should name our next site that was more "wearables" focused. As 2013 neared its end and we still had not decided, Adam got sick of waiting. He registered, put up a word press blog, and started blogging himself. Decision made for us by Adam, we kicked things into high gear to get site ready for its January 1st, 2014 official unveiling.

We really like the name Adam picked too. Smartwatch Fans puts the community into the name. And that's exactly what we're doing here. This isn't just a website. Smartwatch Fans is that all encompassing community that will be there wherever you are. Whether you love Instagram, Twitter, Google + or Tumblr, Smartwatch Fans will be there.

Spread the word!

Ok, that's a long enough welcome! It's time to leave and start exploring all that Smartwatch Fans has to offer. Keep it Smart, and Keep Watching for more!

Registering with one of these registers you for ALL Mobile Nation Communities ...
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