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Gift Card Granny is an innovative marketplace to buy and sell gift cards online

Gift Card Granny is an innovative marketplace to buy and sell gift cards online!

Today's Best Gift Card Deals

Gift Card Granny is an innovative marketplace to buy and sell gift cards online. We work closely with trusted online gift card exchange leaders to provide over 30,000 discount gift cards from hundreds of merchants, both online and off. Gift Card Alerts let you instantly track new cards the minute they go on sale for discounts on some of the best gift cards around. The marketplace is a simple avenue to earn quick cash by selling gift cards as well as a resource to check a gift card balance.

Buy Gift Cards at the Lowest Price or Get the Best Deal When Selling a Gift Card Online

Gift Card Granny The Walker-Wielding Queen of Discount Gift Cards

Gift Card Granny is one sassy senior who serves much more than cold milk and warm snickerdoodles. She leads you through the world of discount gift cards, tracking down the best places to buy, sell and exchange gift cards from all your favorite retailers, restaurants, grocery stores and more.

Appearing at the right moment with mark-downs of 50 percent off or more on an unbeatable selection of discount gift cards, Granny's gift card exchange makes it easy to swap gift cards for cash or save on store gift cards. With a hankerin' for savin' and a soft spot for sales, Gift Card Granny is your reliable source when it comes time to purchase gift cards below face value.

Buy Gift Cards Everyday items such as food, gas and the occasional porcelain knick-knack can wisely be purchased with discounted cards. She suggests a prepaid gift card to your favorite grocery store -- purchased at below value for instant savings on everyday staples. Treating your family to dinner but dreading the bloated bill? Choose to purchase restaurant gift cards online and get an Olive Garden dinner for 10 percent off or more.

Gift Card Granny only teams with trusted gift card sellers, putting the best deals at your fingertips, from online gift cards for last minute purchases to restaurant gift cards for your inner foodie. Her blog covers unique gift card ideas, things to avoid and the best gift cards to use in any season. Take her advice when it's time to exchange your gift cards for cash.

Sell Gift Cards:
Granny knows the "bungled birthday" scenario all too well: Great aunt Bertha regularly craves caffeine but forgot you don't care for coffee. A few days before the party, your auntie grabbed a quick prepaid gift card with her cup of joe. The result? Good intentions and a Starbucks gift card turned dust collector. Let GCG show you how to turn that plastic into cash.

Discount gift card sellers will pad your pocket for just about any unused store gift card. They offer to pay a percentage of the prepaid gift card's original value -- usually between 50 and 90 percent -- then sell it back through their website. Gift Card Granny makes it a cinch to find the best deal for your unwanted prepaid gift card with an easy-to-read chart. Simply find the merchant in the left column, look for the sweetest payment in blue, then follow the link to collect your cash. Plus, if you sell to Plastic Jungle and opt to be paid with an Amazon gift card, you'll receive three percent more than the listed rebate.

As with everything, Gift Card Granny wants you to get the best deals on the web. The feisty financier suggests selling a Target gift card, or a prepaid gas card for maximum cash. Such cards typically garner 75 percent or more through one of her favorite gift card resellers.

Check Your Gift Card Balance:
Recalling the amount on multiple cards is enough to boggle even the sharpest mind. Luckily, Granny was thinking ahead when she created a comprehensive list to check your gift card balance. Click on the store or gift card name and Gift Card Granny gives you the phone number, website address and whether you can check a balance in-store.


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