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Mr. Free Stuff is a super-powered source for free services and complimentary goods

About Mr. Free Stuff – A Powerful Protector of All Stuff Free
At first, the adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” rings true. Mr. Free Stuff begs to differ.

Imagine a world where frugality is unknown and injustice runs rampant. The Internet is a devious place, with deals promised but never delivered and offers advertised as “free” with many strings attached. Few fates are more frustrating than falling victim to a cleverly-disguised marketing pitch or gimmick designed to steal your information.

That world is ours. It needs a hero; One who can see through the garbage to organize the gems in a convenient location. Masked behind a mild-mannered alter ego, Mr. Free Stuff is that hero. He’s the guardian of all things bearing his good name and works tirelessly to restore faith in freebies, free product samples, promotional items and service offers.

Mr. Free Stuff is a super-powered source for free services and complimentary goods. Hundreds are available every day at the Mr. Free Stuff website, a constantly updated selection of the finest freebies online. Each deal is handpicked to guarantee quality, variety and lucrative rewards. His keen senses thwart diabolical fake schemes meant to waste your time or gather unnecessary information.

You’ll never pay a cent for featured freebies or to browse the website. His collection of 13 inclusive categories ranges from music and magazines to clothing and food, each with a variety of products from hundreds of merchants. Shoppers in search of convenience can register for e-mail alerts to be notified of the freshest new offers. There’s no need to rely on search engines or multiple sites and Mr. Free Stuff will never bombard you with spam or junk.

But a hero’s work is never finished. Mr. Free Stuff knows tried-and-true freebies are waiting to be found in every corner of cyberspace. How does he parse the good from the bad? By harnessing the power of reputable promotions. Manufacturers, services and restaurants often provide free samples to entice potential shoppers. Mr. Free Stuff tracks down these trustworthy items and gathers them on his website, where you can easily peruse and select the most enticing offers.

He presents all the information you need, including instructions, links, expiration dates and brief descriptions. The freebies typically require little more than a few clicks to claim. You won’t be met with never-ending surveys, e-mail sign-ups or requests for the contact information of people you know. Even those buy-one, get-one offers don’t make the cut

On his blog, Mr. Free Stuff tackles the most lucrative freebies for a number of occasions, including Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day and Halloween. The permanent “Free Things to Do In” feature is an ode to money-saving activities in 17 major U.S. cities. Families can harness the tips to turn a regular vacation into a super getaway.


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