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Mrs. Sweepstakes combs the Internet daily for new contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes

The Queen of Gracious Giveaways
In the vast streets of cyberspace, sweepstakes are a trusty sidekick of merchants who want to show generosity while attracting attention to their brand. It’s usually a win-win for everyone involved: Even with only one grand prize winner, the other entrants leave relatively unscathed.

But these streets have a seedy underbelly where dastardly villains try to bully unsuspecting contestants. Some giveaways serve no other purpose than to gather private information or convince you to spend money. What begins as an enticing chance to win cash or prizes turns into a never-ending invite for junk mail. Lucrative rewards are drowned in a sea of advertising, showboating and constant chatter. Although such promotions are meant to attract new customers, it seems some marketers forget their basic manners.

Never fear, citizen of the World Wide Web. There are numerous legitimate ways to win anything imaginable: from lottery-sized jackpots to factory-fresh cars. When the gravy train rolls by, Mrs. Sweepstakes makes sure you don’t miss the station.

True to her name, Mrs. Sweepstakes has never let a sweet deal slip through the cracks. She keeps a vigilant watch over the Internet, using her super vision to scour every alley and avenue for the best online sweepstakes, contests and giveaways. She posts only bona fide contests to the Mrs. Sweepstakes website with the guarantee they’re free of pointless surveys and fake prizes. No promotion is too minuscule, if it means the promise of a real reward, with payouts ranging from $1 to $1 million in cash, goods or services.

Mrs. Sweepstakes simplifies as she protects, using several tools to streamline your search for a coveted contest. You can browse for giveaways across 10 different categories, including travel, electronics and gifts. She combs the Internet daily for new contests and updates the website as soon as they’re announced. The feminine phenom can’t rig a contest for you, of course, but she makes sure every tidbit of data is passed along beforehand.

Each listing comes with the information necessary to enter, including the promotion name, expiration date, instructions and brief description. Visitors who want convenience can register for e-mail alerts and have the most up-to-date contests delivered directly to their inbox.

As a member of The Frugals, a family of money-saving superheroes, Mrs. Sweepstakes made an oath to protect the money in your wallet. This dedication is shared by the rest of the brood.

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Mrs. Sweepstakes' other half, Mr. Free Stuff, is the most reliable online source for freebies and complimentary services. No matter which Frugal hero you visit, you’ll never be asked to register, pay a fee or provide private information. Like any welcoming family, what’s theirs, is yours.

Mrs. Sweepstakes knows the mean streets of cyberspace like the back of her super-powered hand. She makes the Internet a more lucrative place by saving time in the never-ending pursuit of sweepstakes, contests and justice.


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