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JILetters helps children phonically learn the English (Western) alphabet. Released in 2004 ... unsupported.

Version 0.6 re-released in PyGame for Windows ... But the non-cursive script letters version 0.5 is written in JAVA and Works on Linux/Windows/or Macintosh.

JILetters - Helping children learn the alphabet 20th Nov 2007 - JILetters phonic method now recommended by DCFS The Department for Children, Families and Schools now recommends that children learn phoics through the method that is reflected by JILetters. This method is where only the phonic is represented in the sound, and nothing else. Children should only be hearing the pure sound that each phonic represents and nothing else. Moreover, these 'pure' phonics can be built up more easily to form whole words.

 25th Sept 2004 - JILetters support mailing list
JILetters now has a support email list, where you can post your support questions or queries. If you feel you need to discuss the program with someone who knows how it works, this is your first port of call.
You can access the list at, where you can subscribe or read the archives if you are already a member of the list. 19th Aug 2004 - JILetters ported to Python JILetters has undergone a rewrite using the Python programming language. Python is based on open-source software and is freely available for people to use. This represents a radical shift for JILetters, as it is moving away from the Java language and towards a free language. Development in JILetters will now continue in Python.
If you're really not sure what I'm on about here, don't worry - everything should still work. If you're a python developer and want to get involved, please contact me.
To conincide with this news, I will be releasing a binary windows version of JILetters 0.06 for windows and a version for linux (which should run, using your distributions installation of Python and pygame).
 The program now uses cursive script to present the letters of the alphabet, and the audio is now phonically based. This reflects the current preferred teaching style in some schools within the UK. If you feel you want to change this, currently, you will need to replace the multi-media files. As long as you use the same format, JILetters shouldn't complain.  Call for assistance If you are a programmer or teacher, I'd be interested to hear from you and how you would like to use this software. I'm not going to implement functionality if I'm not aware if people are going to use it. However, if you request some functionality, then I will try and implement it. If you are interested in getting involved, please email me at adamc [AT] linuxmail [DOT] org and propose the role you would like to play.
 About Note the word helping - in no way will this software teach your kids the alphabet without any human intervention. In an ideal world this software would be used with an adult accompanying the child and structuring their learning. Software cannot replace teaching and this project does not want to attempt that. This project assists children with learning the alphabet and becoming more aware of the appearance of letters. It doesn't yet address the phonics of those letters correctly, although it does associate a word with that letter. A phonic version may be planned in the future.
 Why the name JILetters? Plain and simple - the JI stands for the names of my twin sons who I wrote this software for. JILetters is an attempt to emulate and develop further the GTK+ program lletters ( However, this code does not include any code from this project. I have a background in primary education within the UK and have studied educational psychology. It is my belief that educational software should always be based on sound pedagogical practices. Please feel free to contact me for more information.
 Within the UK, children are taught to learn lower case letters before they go on to upper case (or capitals). This program will attempt to emulate that.
 News 20/11/2007: JILetters CVS code updated to keep up to date with wxpython.
 19/08/2004: JILetters release 0.0.6
 19/08/2004: JILetters ported to Python
 22/02/2004: Over 200 downloads
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