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Atari Mania says: Get your Atari Gaming Systems ROMs Here!
« on: July 19, 2009, 10:15:46 PM »
Atari Mania says: Get your Atari Gaming Systems ROMs Here!

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the largest Atari Gaming Systems game cartridge database in the world!

Here, you'll find more than 7,000 different (PAL, NTSC and SECAM) cartridge titles released between 1977 and 1992. Newly discovered titles are added on a daily basis and old entries are corrected when errors are spotted.

Because it's our goal to make this database as complete and accurate as possible, we urge you to do the following: if you own an Atari 2600 game cartridge not mentioned in this section, please send us a picture of its front and (readable) end-label and we will add this title to our database.

Also, if you own good quality scans of carts and / or boxes not already in the database, please let us know.

Last but not least: if you spot a game title in this section that's not exactly spelled the same way as the one on your similar looking cartridge, please mention the differences to us. The exact (mis)spelling of (pirated) game cartridge titles can be a very important reference for Atari 2600 cartridge collectors.

In other words: with your help, we can polish and preserve this valuable and remarkable chapter of video game history.

We hope you'll have fun browsing through our database and reliving your fond memories of the one and only King of Consoles: the noble Atari 2600.

The Atarimania Team

About Atarimania Team
Atarimania aims to offer a complete historical tour to the new or experienced Atari user. From the company's humble beginnings to its demise as a hardware manufacturer in the nineties, we hope to provide you lots of original content in all forms: databases, catalogs, magazine scans and much, much more!

While there are a number of American-based Atari sites, few have appeared in Europe. As well as concentrating on the Atari phenomenon in the US, we will also bring you fresh content from the "old continent" and other parts of the world.

In addition to the unique material on the site, Atarimania also hosts two massive on-going projects: a highly detailed listing of ALL 2600 cartridges and a gigantic database of ALL Atari 8-bit software, complete with all the information you can dream of!

Atarimania is a non-commercial venture and is not affiliated in any way with Infogrames. The sole purpose of our group is to preserve memories of days past.

Idea and realization:
Andre, Bertrand, Deathtrappomegranate, Franck, Ijor, Marakatti, Marcer, Rom Hunter and Trooper

Graphics, forum skin and frontend:

Backend, database programming and hosting:

Database maintenance 2600:
Rom Hunter, Bertrand, Franck

Database maintenance 5200:
Bertrand, Franck

Database maintenance 400 800 XL XE:
Bertrand, Franck, Andre, Deathtrappomegranate, Ijor

Database maintenance ST:
Marakatti, Franck, Stefan L, Champions_2002

USE these ROMs with the Stella Emulator
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