Author Topic: Mjograph is an XY (2D) graph editor that runs on Mac OSX and Java (Windows)  (Read 2564 times)

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Mjograph is an XY (2D) graph editor that runs on Mac OSX and Java (Windows)


MjoGraph is an X-Y graph editor that runs on Mac OSX or on other platforms with Java. It is well customized for researchers, especially in the field of science, whose research work includes computer simulations and visualization of their numerical results, and it does free you from every single troublesome operation. I hope you find the program productive.

Lastly, since MjoGraph makes use of the following libraries, I would like to appreciate the authors' great work.

    JFreeChart (as the main framework)
    JFontChooser (as a font-chooser)
    xmlgraphics (as an EPS export framework)
    PDFRenderer (to handle LaTeX)
    Quaqua (to make the appearance Mac-like)
    Mac-Widgets (complementing Quaqua, makes the appearance fully Mac-like)
    GUI-Commands (to implement the recently-used-file menu)
    SwingX (for the use of JXTaskPane and drop-shadow feature)
    jide-oss (for the use of CheckBoxList)
    JCM (as a function parser)
    matlabcontrol (to work with Matlab)
    sf-filechecker (update checker)

Major Features

    Just drag & drop, quick visualization.
    publication-quality output.
    Latex integrated!
    Work with Matlab!


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