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Dooble is a mischievous and platform-independent browser
« on: August 26, 2012, 09:26:45 PM »
Dooble is a mischievous and platform-independent browser

Where are you Doobling today?


    Simple bookmarks are a novelty. Export and import features are included. Nested folders? Absolutely. Bookmarking may be performed from a variety of places, including the History panel and sidebar, and the location widget.


    Cookies are bothersome necessities. With Dooble, cookie management is clean and crisp. Tagging favorite sites is as simple as a click. And if permitted, Dooble shall purge cookies in a timely fashion.


    Dooble includes a desktop. The desktop may some day serve as a portal to the operating system.

    Download Manager

    Dooble contains a friendly download manager. Double-clicking on items shall launch applicable applications.


    The Web is a vast frontier. Exceptional exceptions provide comfort and safety.

    File Manager

    An integrated file manager is an absolute necessity. Drag-and-drop support is fully functional. Operations such as creating directories, deleting entries, and renaming entries are also included. Need to access a file with a specific application? Simply double-click on the file and Dooble shall either launch the assigned application or display an application-selection prompt.

    FTP Browser

    Dooble includes an FTP browser. The browser displays both connection information and directory contents. And unlike other browsers, JavaScript is not required for sorting elements.


    A simple history interface is provided. Bookmarking, editing, and searching are just some of the functions included in the History panel.


    Dooble includes many, many options. Flexibility is as important as stability. Most of the data that is generated for permanent storage is encrypted.


    Dooble supports sophisticated plugins. Please visit InterFace for more information.

    Dooble offers new designs and new ideas. It provides many of the features that a modern browser should. Organic software built for the user.


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