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Create Synchronicity is a backup/synchronization tool for Linux or Windows

What is Create Synchronicity?
Create Synchronicity is a backup/synchronization tool that can help you protect your files, and keep your data up-to-date. You can use it for pretty much everything from copying your documents, pictures, music and videos to your USB Key or backup drive, to scheduling server backups with regex filtering and DST compensation.

Supported languages
Currently available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Indonesian, Hebrew, Russian, Danish, Estonian, Bulgarian, Korean, and Chinese. You can help translating!


Create Synchronicity is packed up with useful features:

    Fully customizable synchronization and backup, including:
        Precise selection of folders to back up: you can select which folders to synchronize, and even synchronize folders contents without synchronizing subfolders.
        Files inclusion and exclusion based on filename, extension, or regular expressions.
        3 synchronization methods:
            One-way incremental
            Two-ways incremental
    (v3.5+) Full scheduling support (daily, weekly, monthly, at a particular time, etc.)
    (v5.1+) Catching up: automatically reschedule missed backups
    Clean, simple interface
    Comprehensive previews
    Comprehensive, pretty logs.
    Comprehensive documentation, including expert features
    Support for multiple profiles
    Fully portable: settings are stored in individual configuration files
    (v4.0+) By-volume-label paths: Create Synchronicity can backup directly to "My Usb"\Documents for example, by automatically locating the drive labeled "My Usb".

    Advanced features:
        Profile groups
        Dynamic destinations (%DATE% recognized)
        Automatic translation of environment variables
        (v3.5+) Support for UNC (network) and relative paths
        Loose timing: allow file times to differ by a few seconds
        File/Folder exclusion using regular expressions
        (6.0+) Look-backwards date filters: discard files after a custom number of days.
        Command line support:
            Queue multiple profiles
            Text-only logs (tab-separated fields)
            (6.0+) Queue groups of profiles
            (6.0+) Generate application logs

        Expert mode:
            File size comparison
            Integrity checks when scanning and copying
            GZip / Bzip2 on-the-fly compression
            (6.0+) Pre-/Post-sync hook scripts: send yourself an e-mail when a backup completes!

Specific features

Schools and businesses: the GNU General Public, under which Create Synchronicity is licensed, allows free use of this software by your organization.


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