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MadAppLauncher is a simple application launcher for Windows
« on: August 29, 2012, 08:32:20 PM »
MadAppLauncher is a simple application launcher for Windows

MadAppLauncher is a simple application launcher. Launch files in two to three keystrokes; just activate the application launcher, press one number key to select a tab(group) and another key(letter/symbol) to launch the corresponding application. Group applications, folders, scripts, etc. with ease. It supports drag and drop and manual editing. There is no need to remember all those hot keys. For a complete list of features, please see the Features page. Oh, did I mention it's FREE!!! It's under GPLv3 license.

Objectives of MadAppLauncher

    Reduce desktop and task bar clutter by using tab groups
    Reduce the number of mouse clicks/moves and key presses
    Access applications, files, and folders fast so you can focus on what you need to do

Unique features not found in a common application dock or launcher

    Ability to create, open, and save to files. One data file can have at most 300 assigned applications (30 applications for each of the 10 tabs).
    Gives the user the ability to navigate and launch an application using the keyboard
    Customization of the initial size and position of each application window


    Ability to launch an item (ie. program, folder, or command) in two or three keystrokes
    Favorites bar with 10 configurable buttons each corresponding to F1-F10 keys
    Ten tabs. Each tab consists of 30 configurable buttons for a total of 300 configurable buttons for each file (*.mal). Each tab corresponds to the number 1-0 and the buttons on each tab correspond to the letters/symbols below the number keys
    Data is contained in one text file (*.mal) in XML format
    Multiple files (*.mal) can be created to further group items (eg. work, home, project1, etc.). Simply assign a *.mal file to a button for ease of loading other *.mal files
    Drag and drop support
    Support for international keyboard layouts
    Support for the visually impaired (English only)
    Option to run a program as an Administrator
    Configurable hotkey to launch the launcher
    Option to change a program's initial window size and location
    Ability to sort a tab's buttons


    Use the mouse wheel or the left/right arrow keys to switch between tabs
    Turn on the auto-select tab on mouse-over option to automatically select a tab


    Option to press a key twice before launching
    Auto-save data files(*.mal)
    Check for updates on startup
    Option to always center the launcher on the screen
    Option to make the launcher show on top of all other windows
    Option to automatically hide the launcher when a program is launched
    Option to minimize the launcher when closed using the UI
    Option to show the launcher on the taskbar when minimized
    Option to show/hide window on startup
    Option to show/hide Favorites bar


    Ability to move tabs
    Cut/Copy/Paste support for buttons
    Delete/Copy/Paste support for tabs


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