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Binaural Beat Generator is a Mac OS X Audio Plugin that generates binaural beats.  Not easy to install and use.

View tutorial videos on Vimeo:


Using The Plugin:


The difference between my Binaural Beat Generator and many other generators is that it is intended more as a musical instrument than a scientific tool (although I have countless users using it for scientific purposes also). It runs within most DAWs and allows you to sequence Binaural Beats in your music, it's even tempo sync-able.

It is also a great tool for creating binaural programs as it allows you to automate any of it's parameters and even assign them to MIDI to create a unique, adaptive binaural beat sequence.

The plugin only works with Mac and comes in an AU and VST version that will work in most popular DAWs. Check out - - if you are unfamiliar with Binaural Beats.

A big thanks to Carly Jane and Meerkuts for using Binaural Beat Generator in an installation of theirs!


    See 'Files' section for an audio example
    Binaural Beat Generation with a choice of 4 Waveshapes
    White & Pink Noise Knobs
    Realtime Visual Waveform Representation
    Tempo Syncable
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