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Java Fabled Lands is a faithful copy of the Fabled Lands Storybook Series of Adventures ... Requires Java 5 (1.5) Or Better.

Like the "Fighting Fantasy" or "Choose Your Own Adventure" BOOKS - Your real time choices actually change the game itself: and influence the Outcome!

Quick Download:

Java Fabled Lands (JaFL)
(formerly known as FLApp)

Why the namechange?

The authors asked me nicely. When it first came out, 'app' simply meant application; since then, mobile apps have become ubiquitous, to the extent that the former name actually has a ring of official-ness. Hopefully this leaves room for an actual official Fabled Lands App?

👍🏽 Software Santa LOVES his Copy! A Software Santa Pick! 👍🏽 This Game has Been Out for 10 Years Now - Software Santa has been trapped inside it for FIVE YEARS. He was last seen in "Marlock City" in possession of over 1000 "shards" ... Santa Sez "I AM Buying those Books!!!!"  (Number 7 is Published!!!!!) 👍🏽

Oh, It is bigger than it LOOKS. This is just the Eastern End of it all - and just the major highlights, at that.

Fabled Lands App

Project Info

Fabled Lands?

Fabled Lands was a gamebook series originally published in 1995-6. There were 12 planned volumes, but only 6 were ever published, because the gamebook market had virtually imploded.

Gamebooks? What?

Um, do you remember Fighting Fantasy? No? What about "Choose Your Own Adventure?" A few heads are nodding.

The basic concept is an interactive story, written in the second person, cut up into short numbered sections; at the end of each section you're given a choice as to which section comes next, based on your 'action' within the narrative. A gamebook adds some RPG-ish rules to the mix. Essentially it's a solo role-playing game with a lot of reading.

But what does this mean for us today?

This project is an adaptation of the six published books: for the computer. Note the word 'adaptation': I've tried to stay as close as possible to the original text, handling all the rules and leaving the player free to read and enjoy without the (sometimes tedious) record-keeping. The player is faced with something very much like a web-page, and other windows displaying a map and the character's abilities.

Looks interesting. How do I try it?

Easy, just download the latest version: this contains all the books that have been converted. You'll need to have Java 5 (or later) on your computer: refer to the README.txt file in the zip-file you've just downloaded.

I keep dying. This is too hard.

Try starting in book 5 and traveling east, into the easier books. That way your character will be more able to tackle anything that comes your way. Don't forget to save occasionally: that way you can reload if things go pear-shaped. If you've got some spare cash, it's worthwhile to buy some blessings. A luck blessing gives you a second chance in most situations.
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