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Port of the SDL library to the Android mobile platform (including several games):

List of games and apps published to Google Play:

I did not create any of those games, I've just made them working on Android.

      Ur-Quan Masters   
      Commander Genius   
      Free Heroes 2   
      GemRB (Baldur's Gate)   
      UFO: Alien Invasion   
      VCMI (Heroes 3)   

List of games removed from Android Market, because of low rating (But Available to Download):

     Alien Blaster   
      Pachi el marciano   

Not based on SDL:

      Ubuntu noroot   
You can get Old versions ....
It does not require you to root your device.
It's only a tech demo with few apps and no desktop or package manager, although the first release featured almost-working LXDE desktop and working Synaptic, but it did not launch on many devices with old kernel (it worked on Galaxy Note though).
Also this is my only app featuring 1.5 stars rating, so I'm not going to develop it any further.


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