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imame4all is a port of the Video Game playing Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) for ALL iOS and Droid Devices!

NewsMAME4iOS 1.3 for non-jailbroken devices. Added iPhone 5 support. Universal armv7+armv7s binary. Code refactoring for iOS 6. Added game filtering (manufacturer, driver source, year, category, keyword, clones). Added favorites. Added option to delete games in rom manager. Added iTunes file sharing to upload roms. Added auto selection for 1-6 buttons & 2-8 ways stick. Added iMpulse controller support (+ TwiMpulse). Added low latency audio option. Improved rom manager. A lot of bug fixes. NOTE: This build is for non-jailbroken devices only. You must resign the app bundle with your own Apple developer certificate.

FeaturesiMAME4all:Full speed on iPad 2. Almost perfect on iPhone 4 and iPad 1. WiiMote support over bluetooth using BTstack. Wii Classic Controller support.  Support for up to 4 WiiMotes/Classic (multiplayer).  Support foe iON's iCade mini cabinet & iControlpad on iCade compability mode. Scanline & TV Filter. MAME4droid:Support for 2.1 and upper Android devices.  Native support for Android Honeycomb tablets. Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) 2D Hardware Accelerated. HW Keys remapping. Wiimote (and other external controllers) with 3rd party apps like WiimoteController. Common:Autorotate. Touch Controller can be shown/hidden. Smooth image. Animated touch stick. 1 to 6 buttons optionally shown. Options for video aspect ratio, scaling, rotate.
... and more. iMAME4all XCode portIf you are an Apple developer and you are looking how to build iMAME4all with XCode for non-jailbroken devices, you are in luck thanks to Les Bird.  With a developer account you can codesign an App for upload on your own devices without jailbroken.
here it is: ThanksART : Retina skin and touch control layout thanks to Bryn Thompson. 
Other developer contributors: Simon Quinn (aka Squid) as committer & Todd Laney.
Thanks Martijn Bosschaart for support me with an iCade.

iMAME4all & MAME4droidiMAME4all is a iOS universal app done by David Valdeita (Seleuco), port of MAME 0.37b5 emulator by Nicola Salmoria & TEAM for all jailbroken iOS devices (iPad HD, iPhone 4G , iPod touch and older) and it is based on GP2X, WIZ MAME4ALL 2.5 by Franxis.

MAME4droid is a version of iMAME4all (iPhone, iPad) for Android, developed also by David Valdeita (Seleuco).
They emulates arcade games supported by original MAME 0.37b5 plus some additional games from newer MAME versions.

This version emulates over 2000 different romsets. 

Please, try to understand that that with that amount of games, some will run better than others and some might not even run with iMAME4all.  Please, don´t email me asking for a specific game to run.

Although the performance is very good with modern devices (all games I tested on iPad run practically perfect), owners of older devices should  not expect a good performance; please turn off sound because that's very helpful.

After installing, place your MAME-titled zipped roms in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/iMAME4all/roms (iMAME4all) or /sdcard/ROMs/MAME4all/roms (MAME4droid) folder.

MAME4droid & iMAME4all uses only '0.37b5', 'GP2X, WIZ 0.37b11 mame romset'. Use "clrmame.dat" file included in '/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/iMAME4all' or /sdcard '/ROMs/MAME4all/' to convert romsets from other MAME versions to the ones used by this version, using ClrMAME Pro utility, available in next webpage:

iMAME4ll & MAME4droid will never have "save states" since it is based on a MAME version that does not support it. 
I am releasing everything for free, in keeping with the licensing MAME terms, which is free for non-commercial use only. This is strictly something I made because I wanted to play with it and have the skills to make it so. That said, if you are thinking on ways to support my development I suggest you to check my other free works for the community.
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