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Open General is Turn Based Strategy and is the Evolution of SSI Panzer General II

Open General is a turn-based strategy game created by Luis Guzman. It is an evolution of SSI Panzer General II.
Although similar to PG2, the game of Open General has many additional features and fewer limitations.

Open General by itself is not a complete game - rather it is a game engine, a framework in which to run an equipment file and campaigns/scenarios designed for it.

An equipment file (efile) contains definitions of all the units which may appear in the game. It can be considered a "mod" or "total conversion" of the game.

Each efile comprises a set of supporting files which are stored in a subfolder of the Open General installation. For example, the Kaiser General II efile is found in subfolder EFILE_KAISER. Within this are more folders for the graphics, save games, etc. associated with the efile.

The self-installer includes a selection of equipment files and campaigns ready to play.

 Quick Start

    Download the self-installer
    Click the "Play Open General" icon in the Start menu
    Optional: Download and install the Challenge Campaign Pack

Playing the game

    Select an Equipment file by clicking image: "Select EFile folder"
    Click image: "Play Campaign"
    Choose a campaign from the list


If you receive a warning from your firewall software that OpenGen is attempting to access the Internet - this is expected. The game automatically downloads the maps needed for any scenario you choose to play.


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