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FreeWRL is an Open Source, cross platform VRML2 and X3D compliant browser for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

FreeWRL Home Page

FreeWRL is an X3D/VRML open source viewer for many platforms.

FreeWRL has had an impressive track record, is here to stay. X3D Components get added, problems get resolved. Program with GLSL Shaders using the X3D Shaders Component, put your model exactly where you want them with the Geospatial Component, or just throw triangles to the screen as Extrusions, IndexedFaceSets, TriangleSets, Circle2D, Disk2D, Spheres, Boxes, Cubes; the list goes on and on.

With royalty free open standards, your models will continue to render, year after year. Can output renders in Stereoscope or Anaglyph Modes, Too!!!


FreeWRL is an Open Source, cross platform VRML2 and X3D compliant browser, with script, SAI and EAI support. Platforms supported: Linux and other Unix-style platforms; Mac OS/X; Windows. Support for mobile platforms (iOS, Android, QNX) is under development.

NEW! Android 4.0.3+ version HERE.

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