Author Topic: IncrediBots lets you Build and Drive custom robots in your browser  (Read 1872 times)

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IncrediBots lets you Build and Drive custom robots in your browser
« on: September 25, 2012, 02:19:40 PM »
IncrediBots and IncrediBots 2 lets you Build and Drive custom robots in your browser!

(On Mac OS X 10.4 or later you can Open and Play IncrediBots or IncrediBots 2 with the  iSwiff  Stand Alone Shockwave Flash file Player Also.)

What is IncrediBots?
Incredibots is a browser-based physics game based on the Box2D engine. Originally created by Grubby Games, it is now open source and free for anyone to modify. Critical updates will be made to the open source version as necessary via the SourceForge page, but we also keep a "Jaybit Edition" of IncrediBots there that will remain much more updated than the open source version.

Build custom robots in your browser with IncrediBots! Design your robot by drawing shapes, joints, motors, and more! Then, pilot your machine using your own custom key bindings. NOTE: OPEN SOURCE VERSION CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM "FILES" TAB!

Physics, Puzzle Games, Simulation


    Robots, replays, and in IncrediBots 2, challenges, which let you set win/loss conditions and prevent user editing of your level
    The ability to use shapes, rotating joints, sliding joints, thrusters, mirroring, scaling, and in IncrediBots 2, cannons
    Built-in tutorial levels to show you each feature in action, walking you through them at your own pace
    Importing and exporting of user creations as text, and in the Jaybit edition, loading and saving of .ibch, .ibre, and .ibro files
    Sandbox mode to build creations from scratch, with the ability to change the size, color, and gravity in IncrediBots 2


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