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Integra Live is a user-friendly application for making live electronic music on Windows or Mac OS X.


  Integra Live For Windows

  Integra Live for OS X

The application is divided into two main views: arrange view, which is used for composition, and live view, which is used for performance.

The arrange view provides a workspace where the composer can organise ideas and map controls onto module parameters.

Musical interactions with the live electronics are encapsulated into ordered blocks, which can be stretched to give them greater visual significance or ordered vertically in tracks, which provide the possibility for multiple independent timelines. Inside each block modules can be added and connected. Modules can be simple ‘FX’ processors, complex synthesizers or bespoke live electronics processing components. Blocks containing modules can be exported and shared between different projects. Each block has associated with it a number of envelopes, which can be edited in the arrange view. Envelopes can be used to control any of the parameters of modules inside a block. Each block also provides a routing and scripting tab. The routing tab enables the composer to make connections between parameters. The scripting tab allows users to execute script when parameters change. The scripting interface can in turn be used to control any parameter in the selected block.

The live view is the performance hub of the application. Here module controls can be organized spatially, and re-sized to give the most convenient area of interaction.

Controls are as wide-ranging as the modules they attach to, varying from simple dials and sliders, to interfaces for spatial mapping. Scenes created in arrange view can be navigated via keyboard shortcuts, which are shown on the live view collapsible keyboard panel.

Both arrange and live view have a lighting toggle, which can be used to switch the entire application into a ‘dark mode’, optimized for dimly-lit stage environments.

Advanced features

    infinite undo/redo for all user actions
    all module parameters remotely controllable via OSC
    write your own modules in Pure Data or Max 5
    write your own module controls using the Adobe Flex SDK
    store your projects in a bespoke online data store


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