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Legend of Cosmo is a Classic Style Role Playing Game for Windows
« on: September 26, 2012, 12:36:55 AM »
Legend of Cosmo is a Classic Style Role Playing Game for Windows

In Legend of Cosmo, you take the role of Strain, a young boy whose past is clouded in mystery, in a quest that may very well change the entire course of history.

The game follows the style of classic japanese role playing games (JRPGs).

The player must advance in the storyline by talking to Non Playing Characters (NPCs), and defeating enemies in combat.

The player only directly controls a single character, but it is possible to have up to five active characters at any moment. The active character can be changed by the player, and the rest are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The field in Legend of Cosmo consists of many small maps that are linked together to form the whole game world. Unlike other games of the same genre, there are no loading screens between maps, and instead the game loads up only the maps that are within “vision range” (i.e: what the player can see). An exception to this is a small transition when entering indoor environments, such as buildings, caves, and the like.


Like any role playing game, characters receive experience through combat, gaining levels when a certain amount of experience is acquired. By leveling up (the act of gaining a level), characters increase their attributes and are able to do more damage (more Strength), withstand stronger attacks (Defense), and react faster (Speed) among others.

Combats are performed in real time, directly on the field map, without entering a separate battle screen.

Experience is received by defeating enemies in combat. The amount given by a certain enemy is based on several factors, including the enemy itself, it's level, the level of the character, among others.

Each character (both player characters and enemies) have their own Hit Points (HP) that determines how much damage the character can withstand before fainting. When a character faints, it becomes unavailable in combat until he or she is recovered from that state by using an appropriate item or force. During certain parts of the game, if a character faints and is not recovered before a given time, it dies. Depending on the characters that may mean the character becomes unplayable for the rest of the game, or the game is over.

At any moment, there can be up to five characters active in combat. Except under certain game events, the player can swap characters in and out of the party at their leisure, provided there are at least that many in the party. Inactive or benched characters cannot be brought back to the field until they have rested.


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