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Candy Crisis is an exciting puzzle game for Mac Classic or Windows or Mac OS X

Candy Crisis is free!  You do not need to purchase a registration code to play the game. Just use the following information to register:
    User Name:      Everybody
    Code:      WPTV-CRHV

Candy Crisis
                                                        by John Stiles

- about the game...

Recently, a mad scientist at a candy factory unveiled his greatest creation: a batch of living candy, brought to life through the miracles of genetic mutation. Unfortunately, his formula had a fatal flaw--the living candy uncontrollably multiplies by the thousands! Within minutes, the plant began to overflow with the genetically altered candy. Luckily, a quick-thinking researcher discovered how to fend off the rapidly multiplying creatures. The mutated candy became extremely reactive when grouped together--and when four of the same color touched, they instantly vaporized! 

Candy Crisis is an exciting combination of pure action and puzzle gaming. The game features twelve unique stages, complete with its own character and individual technique. In One Player mode, these dynamic computer opponents can react to your style of gameplay and quickly learn to adjust their tactics to match yours. In Two Player mode, you can pair off against a friend, and even specify a handicap so that both players are evenly matched. And if you want to practice, then  Solitaire Crisis mode allows you to play without having to compete against an opponent. A tutorial is included with the game as well, so even puzzle novices can become Candy Crisis champions in no time. 

- how to play...

When you begin the game, candies start falling from the sky, two at a time. Use the arrow keys to maneuver them left and right. Pressing the up arrow will cause the candies to rotate around each other, and pressing the down arrow will cause the candy to drop faster.

Candies of identical color will stick together when they are next to each other. When four candies of the same color are touching, they will vaporize!

The object of the game is to keep the candy from overflowing the top of your board. To achieve this goal, you need to continually vaporize candy! In One Player mode, you compete against the computer for survival--your board is on the left side of the screen, and the computer's is on the right. In Solitaire Crisis, you don't have an opponent; you only need to keep the candy from stacking up to the top of the screen.

For more gameplay details, please read the Candy Crisis in-game tutorial.

- how to register...

Candy Crisis is free! Here is a valid registration code that you can use:
            User Name:    Everybody
            Code:            WPTV-CRHV

Thanks for playing Candy Crisis!


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