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Bombermaaan is a classic bomberman game for Win32 and Linux platforms

Software Santa thanks sunburn at gameboom for posting a link to this game! A tip of Software Santa's Santa Cap to him!

Bombermaaan played on Ubuntu


Bombermaaan already provides these features:

- Classic Bomberman game
Bombermaaan is a classic Bomberman game. There's a similar game called Dynablaster.

- Original gameplay and fun with minor adjustments
If you're familiar with other Bomberman games, you already know how to play Bombermaaan.

- Up to 5 players on the same computer
You can play against four human players if you are using joysticks or USB keyboards.

- Various levels of computer AI

- Kick-Punch-Throw items mania
Your bomber can kick bombs (bomb is moving through the arena), punch bombs (bomb flies three blocks far), or throw bombs (pick up a bomb and throw it in the direction your bomber is currently looking).

- Keyboard and joystick support

- Full screen and windowed display modes
F1: full screen mode, 320x240 pixels
F2: full screen mode, 512x384 pixels
F3: full screen mode, 640x480 pixels
F4: windowed mode, 240x234 pixels in 16-pixels version, 480x442 pixels in 32-pixels version
The F1 and F2 keys are only available in the 32-pixels version.

- Various power-ups
At the beginning of a match your bomber can drop only one bomb with a flame size of two blocks. This can be changed during the game by collecting power-up icons. These icons are hidden in the soft walls. Destroy the soft walls to look for the power-ups. These items can improve your bomber skills: additional bomb, increase flame size, ability to kick bombs, increase speed, ability to throw bombs, ability to punch bombs.
Bomb item Additional bomb: you can put one more bomb
Flame item Increase flame size: the flame of your bombs grows one block each time you pick up this item
Skater item Increase speed: you can walk a little faster each time you pick up this item
Bomb & foot item Kick bombs: bombs start moving away when you walk towards them
Skull item Contaminations: see the contaminations section below
Hand item (blue) Throw bombs: pick up bombs, carry them and throw them away
Glove item Punch bombs: punch a bomb that is lying in front of you
Remote item Remote fuse: remote fuse a bomb

- Various contaminations after skull item is taken
The skull item influences the health and skills of your bomber. It can result to: inverted controls, bombs with small flames, having no bombs to place, always dropping bombs, slow speed, fast speed, always move, bombs ticking shorter, bombs ticking longer than usual, invisibility of a bomber, and to a flameproof bomber.

- Item amount in walls as well as bomber skills on startup can be set on a per-level basis
For this feature a new layout for level files has been designed to configure the amount of items and the skills at the start of a match.

More list items may follow. A list of planned features can be seen in the To-Do list.


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