Author Topic: Dyna Blaster is the grandfather of Bomberman - For DOS Amiga and Windows  (Read 2142 times)

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Dyna Blaster is the grandfather of Bomberman - For DOS Amiga and Windows

Dyna Blaster is a game that was immensely popular. You could see it everywhere. Even school computers had Dyna Blaster installed! It's a game that's perfect for killing time. Having a match of Dyna is a bit like having a sandwich – it can happen any time and any place, it's pleasurable, it's simple, and you just can't get enough of it! Games with a formula like that usually become popular, and Dyna Blaster is no exception.

The premise is simple – you are some kind of a Japanese-type character whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by an evil dragon. You will have to reach the dragon's castle in order to save her. To achieve this you will have to complete lots of levels. So, basically, what you do in this game is run around levels and place bombs so that you destroy bricks and creatures. Sometimes, when you destroy bricks, some power-ups will be left behind. Those will usually boost your bombs' strength, give you the ability to detonate them when you decide to do so and so on. Apart from the single-player mode, there's also the oh-so-popular head-to-head mode where you can try to outsmart your friend. As for the graphics, as you can see from the screenshots, they are nice and very functional. That's pretty much it! Try it out, I bet you'll like it!

Reviewed by: Kosta / Screenshots by: Kosta / Uploaded by: me_lobo / Present Posted by: Software Santa!


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