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Trog is an old Ms Pac Man Clone that Works on Windows or DOS/DosBox

Long, long time ago when dinosaurs and humans lived together in the land of Og, Trogs (cavemen) had a terrible habit of eating dinosaur eggs. Our heroes, Spike and Bloop have been activated to rescue the Jurassic breed and save the entire dinosaur hood.

The Dynablaster-PacMan-Clone-Style battle begins.

To defend the eggs, the Trogs use clubs and wheels. The nasty puddles of oil are all around help to make this an exciting game. Be careful on your mission and try to eat each pineapple you find. That will transform your little dinosaur baby into a monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex and you gain the ability of eating the evil little one-eyed homo-erectus. Some other helpful powerups appear every now and then, like the burning branch that allows you to shoot fireballs or the ice cube with which you can freeze your enemies. Some other extras like plants of mushrooms help you to make an entry to the high score list. Do not try to walk off the screen - the world ends there and you loose a life.

In the two player game you have to prevail over the second player by collecting your eggs faster than he does. A joystick is highly recommended!

The colourful VGA graphics and the nice soundtrack make this game a very nice timewaster. The controls are quite fine. Use the cursor keys to move around and the space bar to do some boxing tricks or to spit fire. To raise the fun even more you can choose different difficulty levels.


Use "trog.bat" to start the game!

Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: swiss /

While playing the game, try not to fall off the island. You must avoid or fight off any stone wheels that roll toward you and also avoid any tar pits that will occasionally appear. The Trogs are clumsy and dumb and will sometimes fall off the island, sink into the tar pits or blunder into their own traps. However, an island may have holes with warp grids that will advance your Dino two or three islands ahead if your Dino falls into it. These form when you take the shiny egg (in the lower-right corner, there will be one egg that will shine) last. In addition, all players will receive a cool 300,000 point bonus.

On some islands, there will be doors that will lead from one area to another and some will have springboards that will transport your Dino from one side of the island to another. The springboards will hurl the green Trogs to their deaths.

On each island, there are a number of special power-items to collect :
* 'Red roots' that give your Dino extra speed
* 'Yellow horseshoes' that will temporarily form a protective forcefield around your Dino
* 'Fiery chilli peppers' that make your Dino to spit fireballs to burn the Trogs
* 'Ice jewels' that will momentarily freeze all the Trogs on the island
* 'Pineapples' that will temporarily turn your Dino into an unstoppable, Trog-eating tyrannosaurus rex.

Avoid the grey mushrooms as they will slow your Dino down.

Some islands have timed bonus stages that will give you a chance to earn bonus points. These stages include :
* Trog Feasts where your Dino will be a tyrannosaurus rex and will attempt to eat as many Trogs as possible before time runs out
* Trog Barbecues where your Dino will spit fireballs and try to burn as many Trogs as possible before time runs out
* Diamond Mines where your Dino will attempt to capture as many gems as possible (including diamonds, rubies and emeralds) before time runs out.

When stage is starting, take a look carefully at eggs, 1 egg will shine (little star) for 1 or 2 seconds. Get this egg as last egg on stage -> a teleport will open. You can enter to teleport instead normal exit, you will skip some stages.


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