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Docear is the complete solution for searching, organizing and creating academic literature such as assignments, theses, books and research papers.   

Software Santa thinks this could be used to run a business OR gather research - so ..... What IS It?

Docear – The Academic Literature Suite
Docear (“dog-ear”) is an academic literature suite. It integrates everything you need to search, organize and create academic literature into a single application: digital library with support for pdf documents, reference manager, note taking and with mind maps taking a central role. What’s more, Docear works seamlessly with many existing tools like Mendeley, Microsoft Word, and Foxit Reader. Docear is free and open source, based on Freeplane, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Technology and developed by scientists from around the world, among others from OvGU, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Search in our database containing 3 million academic articles, most of which are in full-text. Download the articles for free. (soon to be available)          

Organize notes, ideas, references and more with the powerful mind map feature. Your PDFs’ bookmarks, comments and highlighted texts are synced seamlessly with Docear.          

Equipped with the fully featured reference manager, Docear will be an indispensible tool as you work on your assignments, academic papers, thesis or even books!

+ free and open source + use of standard formats (BibTeX, XML, Adobe PDF) + PDF meta data extraction + free backup space on our servers + useable in parallel with or instead of other reference managers (e.g. Mendeley) + no registration required + MS Word integration + full control over your data + free support

Details & Features

Docear is the complete solution for searching, organizing and creating academic literature such as assignments, theses, books and research papers. Just as an office suite bundles the applications essential to the professional environment, Docear integrates the essential applications of a researcher. These include an academic search engine, file manager, PDF reader*, mind mapping and note taking tool, reference manager, paper drafting, and word processor*. While the components are integrated, they are still replaceable so that if you don’t like Docear’s reference manager, you can simply use another one.

Docear has two unique features that no other currently available tools offer. Firstly, Docear lets you import PDF annotations (including bookmarks,  comments and highlighted text). This allows a document’s most important information can be easily organized. If more information is required than the bookmark or comment itself provides, Docear can open the PDF on the page the bookmarks points to. Secondly, all information is structured in a mind map which we believe to be much more effective and efficient than a simple list or social tags.

Docear is programmed in Java 6 and runs on all major operating systems for which Java 6 is available for: Windows (7, Vista, XP, 2000, etc.), Linux, and Mac Os (Leopard 10.5 and later)

    Integration of all major components required for literature search, organization, and creation into a single application
        Academic search engine / digital library with free full-text access*
        Research paper recommender system*
        Reference manager
        PDF reader*
        Information manager (Mind mapper)
        MS Word, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, and LaTeX add-on*
    Import and managing of PDF annotations
        PDF bookmarks
        PDF comments
        Highlighted text (with limitations)
    Structured information management in a mind map instead of simple tables or social tags
    Using standard formats wherever possible (FreeMind/Freeplane XML, BibTeX, Adobe PDF)
    Usable instead or as a complement to your existing reference manager (JabRef, Zotero, Mendeley, …)
    Full control over your data: No registration required and no data is stored on our servers except you allow it explictely
    Free and open source
    PDF Metadata extraction
    Optional storing of Metadata directly in PDF files (XMP Metadata)
    Monitoring for new files
    Full reference management capabilities due to complete integration of JabRef
    Full mind mapping capabilities since Docear is developed as add-on for the mind mapping tool Freeplane
    Platform independent (runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS)
    Online backup space
    Synchronize your data between different computers*
    Backup of your data including versioning*
    Read (and limited editing of) your data on Android and iOS devices*

* Not yet implemented, or in combination with third party applications


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