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Cosmoscroll is a cross platform horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game

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What is Cosmoscroll ?Cosmoscroll is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game, written in C++ and using the SFML library.
This space shooter features space bandits, aliens and various power-ups. Cosmoscroll comes in two flavors:
  • Story Mode: Complete all levels, beat the final boss and unlock the hardcore version!

    Collect credits and use them for upgrading your spaceship and buying better weapons.
  • Arcade Mode : Hold as long as possible against more and more powerful bad guys.

    Try to establish a new high score and share it online to compete against other players!

    Don't forget to upgrade your spaceship in the Story Mode for improving your score.
About development

Cosmoscroll is written by two french computer science students. Its development started in september 2008.

The code is intended to be strict C++ and standards-friendly: Cosmoscroll should run on every platforms supported by the SFML library. Windows, Linux and Mac OS versions are available.
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