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Enigmail is cross platform OpenPGP email security for ALL Mozilla-based mail clients!

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What is Enigmail?

Enigmail is an add-on to the mail client of Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey allowing users to access the authentication and encryption features provided by GnuPG. Thus Enigmail enables Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey to send and receive digitally signed and/or encrypted messages using the OpenPGP standard.
In order to provide the crypto-features, Enigmail requires GnuPG to be installed. We recommend GnuPG version 2.x since it provides gpg-agent. Minimum versions required are 1.4.9 or 2.0.9. If your operating system does not supply GnuPG by itself, you may download GnuPG for Windows or other systems.
 Main Features
  • Encrypt/sign mail when sending, decrypt/authenticate received mail
  • Support for inline-PGP (RFC 4880) and PGP/MIME (RFC 3156)
  • Per-Account based encryption and signing defaults
  • Per-Recipient rules for automated key selection, and enabling/disabling encryption and signing
  • OpenPGP key management interface
What is this all about? Enigmail is a security extension to Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey. It enables you to write and receive email messages signed and/or encrypted with the OpenPGP standard.Sending and receiving encrypted and digitally signed email is simple using Enigmail.When starting it for the first time, you are guided through the basic setup. We also prepared a new users' guide that explains how to use OpenPGP.
How should I start? New users should look at our Quick start guide.
Then install GnuPG and the right Enigmail package for your system.
 Is there a manual? Of course there is. ;-) To find out all about configuration options, or in case you encounter problems, please first have a look into our user manual.
Where can I get help? The best place to get help is our mailing list. User forums are also available.
 How can I contribute? We'd love it if you did! Telling other people about Enigmail, helping out in the forums and on mailing lists, giving feedback on the manual, translating Enigmail into another language, reporting and fixing bugs, or helping out with coding.
What do I need? Enigmail is an email plugin. It cannot be run by itself.
 You need a supported email client, the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), and a little patience. You may also need to install the proper Enigmail language pack.
Complete installation instructions can be found in the Quick start guide.



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