Author Topic: SeaMonkey-for-PPC 10.5 Macs is Breathing new life into your G4 / G5 based Macs  (Read 1892 times)

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SeaMonkey-for-PPC Macs is Breathing new life into your G4 / G5 based Macs!

is a complete HTML Composer/Email/Chat/Browser package like the Old Netscape Communicator suite (Its descendant, in fact!) and this Port is for old G4 or G5 Macintosh Systems no longer supported
by Apple!

For as long as it will be possible, I will maintain a working version of SeaMonkey for PPC based Macs.

Since 10.5.x is the last Mac OS X version to support the PPC processor I'll limit myself to 10.5 builds.

Spread the word please, make this effort worth my while and get those PPCs out of the closet and back into the light of day.


ps - QuickDraw based Plugins are once again functional in all SeaMonkey for PPC versions.

Thanks to the folks at TenFourFox for a linker patch that allowed this and their project to move forward. The linker would corrupt address calculations for code branches. Thanks to Tobias for finding and correcting a linker problem that amazingly hadn't been found before in all the years of folks developing software for the Mac. I guess the latest Mozilla code is just getting large enough to show up the linker problem.

Any of you folks out there have any ideas of how to get the word out about seamonkey-for-ppc ?

I'd like to see the user base grow.

Have all the PPC Machines died and gone to the recycler ?

I've gotten the word out through the obvious channels I've found and it appears word of mouth is all that's left. Better yet if you know of discussion forums, sites etc that cater to PPC users then pass the word on about seamonkey-for-ppc.

I guess we're part of an exclusive enclave still thriving despite the Intel Zombie Apocalypse that has engulfed us !


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