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kittenvszombie Pits Adorable Kittens Vs. Apocalyptic Zombies for Android 1.5 or later


Kitten vs. Zombie is a new game in development by TwoD Vision for Android compatible phones. This game is a side scrolling high score game in which you must try to destroy the most zombies possible. Killing zombies will earn you Internets which, with the help of Dr. Trollface, will allow you to bring more Kittens back from the past!


    Kitten Vs. Zombie allows you to earn points for killing zombies! The more points you earn the more characters you unlock!
    Play as your favorite Memes! Nyan Cat, Breadcat, Boxcat, Speedycat, and Longcat!
    Fight against the likes of Pedobear, Domo, and AwesomeFace
    Taking to long to kill zombies? No Problem! Use the reward system to get points even faster!

Coming Soon:

    More Levels to harvest zombies!
    Mini Games!
    More Characters!

Your journey begins in the nefarious Dr. Trollface's lab.

With the help of his assistant, Forever Alone, Trollface plans to unlock the secrets of his ancestors by bringing someone back from the past. Using Troll Science, however, does not always go as planned it seems.

While he was successful in bringing some kind of creature from the past into his time, it seems this experiment has an adverse reaction! Zombies now infest the area and it's up to this mysterious creature to exterminate them!

There is an issue when on the character select screen in which your points do not load. To solve this simply go back to the main menu and return to character select.


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