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Hoolie is the application MS uses for speech recognition in Windows .NET 1.1


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Hoolie is the application Microsoft uses for speech recognition in Windows .NET 1.1 or Windows XP or Vista

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I guess everyone knows that build 4074 was the most interesting publicly released build of Longhorn. (Windows XP)

The %WINDOWS%\\Microsoft.Net\\Windows\\v6.0.4030\\ folder contains some gems and interesting data, and one of them is the Longhorn Speech API application, which is in “MS.Internal.Hoolie.dll“.

The “Hoolie” itself is the codename for the Microsoft Managed Speech Desktop Speech Services. The application is used for speech recognition and has ‘alternate spellings’ and correction support for recognized words. The user interface consists of a base window showing the state of the application - on - listening, off, and “sleeping”. The two additional windows open with sliding effect, and are used to correct/replace a not-that-well-recognized word with another one, or choose an alternative.

In fact, there is an install file, %WINDOWS\\inf\\hoolie.inf, those of you who are interested, may check it out.

You can get the base idea what Hoolie is, by downloading AeroXperience’s “Hoolie Demo” application, which is partial remake of the original file, from The Zip package consists of the demo app + the original “MS.Internal.Hoolie.dll”. , or higher, no Longhorn build is needed to run it.

Special thanks go to cpu killer, founder of AeroXperience, for hooking me up to Hoolie, and to Microsoft for building the next generation software, and taking users’ experience to the next level.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. :)

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--- Quote ---License:     Freeware
 Price:    FREE
 OS:    Windows XP/Vista
 Size:    1.08 MB
 Last Updated:    February 27th, 2007, 07:01 GMT
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