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Morinus is a Free Cross Platform Astrological Program Written in Python

IMPORTANT: If you can't download the files (e.g. they are corrupted) then try it from another internet connection or try it later.

Morinus is an easy to use astrology software under GPLv3 license. It uses the swiss ephemeris so it's very accurate (5000BC - 5000AD).
It runs on every Operating System where Python and wxPython are available(Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS).

Note that in case of a chart created for a date earlier than 1583 Julian-calendar need to be used.


    Computes a horoscope with high accuracy between 5000BC-5000AD
    Place database
    Misc data (Sidereal time, Obliquity of Ecliptic, ...)
    Find time from planetary positions
    Graphical Ephemeris (Tropical or Sidereal)
    12 Housesystems
    Showing the charts in several ways (Themes) [Looks]
    Selectable Traditional Aspects
    Rise/Set times (GMT)
    Almutens(acc. to the Arabs and Ibn Ezra(Points, Chart, Topical))
    Selectable individual colors or acc. to dignities
    Speeds (velocity)
    Selectable fixedstars(max. 40 out of 800)
    Zodiacal Parallels
    30-deg Strip(Horary)
    Lot of Fortune (several types)
    Arabic Parts(max. 40)
    Syzygy(Prenatal Lunation) (in Misc Table)
    Day/Night orb
    Mundane Lot of Fortune(in Mundane Positions table)
    Planetary Hours (Table: data in LMT)
    Topocentric Positions
    Square(Medieval) Chart
    Profections (zodiacal, mundane(Cielo e Terra); Gregorian and GMT) [Yearly and Monthly]
    Save to bitmap (black and white or color)
    Transits (date, month)
    Precession and Nutation corrected Solars in case of an ayanamsa
    Transits of the Sun
    Secondary Directions (Apparent Solar Time, Mean-Time)
    Selectable showing of the Fixedstars, Antiscia, Lot of Fortune, Terms, Decans in the chart
    Primary Directions(mundane, zodiacal)
        Placidus(semiarcus) or Ptolemy
        Placidus(UnderThePole) (zodiacal only, with or without latitude)
    Zodiacal only: Terms, Fixstars, Syzygy (Primary Directions)
    Zodiacal Parallels (Primary Directions)
    Topocentric positions (Primary Directions)
    Secondary Motion of the Moon (Primary Directions)
    User-point (Primary Directions)
    User2-point (Primary Directions)
    Speculum of user-point or user2-point (Primary Directions)
    Primary Keys(static, dynamic)
    Second-resolution time-stepping(Primary Directions)
    Converse Primary Directions can also be timed by regressive Sun in case of True Solar Arc
    PDs-In-Chart, Ingress (right-click on a PD-row in the PD-list)
    Primary Directions in solar and lunar revolutions
    Available in english, hungarian, italian, french, russian and spanish

In the options menu:

    Minor Dignities(Triplicities, Terms, Decans)
    Primary Directions
    Primary Keys
    Lot of Fortune
    Arabic Parts(editor)
    Menu selections

Horoscopes and options can be saved and reloaded and you can invoke a popup menu by right-clicking on any of the windows except for the window of the radix because it has its own menu-bar. Primary Directions can also be saved to a text file.

Download (Binary):

This is the simple way, just download (see attachments at the bottom of the page) and extract it. You can start the program by clicking on morinus.exe. However, this way the program will use the built-in Moshier-ephemeris(3000BC-3000AD)  which calculates the same positions for e.g. 1973. You can remedy this if you download the zipped ephemeris files (,,, at the bottom of the page), extract it and copy the files into the MorinusWinEng/SWEP/Ephem directory. Google Sites allows uploading files not greater than 12MB, this is why I had to split the Swiss Ephemeris into four files. Tested on WinXP(SP2, SP3) and Win7(32 bit and 64 bit). Important: This is the 32-bit version(sweastrology.pyd)!
There is no need to install python because it is already included in the Windows-binary.

Download Windows Binary:
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