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Edinamarry Tarot Software is a digital divinity software for Windows 7 or 8 systems

About Edinamarry Tarot Software

Edinamarry Oracle is a digital divinity software for all those who are new agers out there. This software is at your pleasure, service, and provides divine Tarot, Shuffle Cards, Prayers sending, Ask Question Oracle, Stored file Reader, Email sending (to me), Software Update, Database Update, and finally a section dedicated to the 89 Laws/Commandments of the New Age humanity. You can consult the Tarot/Divinity features when you are in pain, suffering, sorrow, and when you need healing, courage, and reflection. This software is a healing software which should always give you any (multiple) right solutions/indications of your problem(s) and your current situation(s). Divinity tells more often your current situation rather than solutions, you should remember this. It is my promise to those who believe and trust in Divinity and this Software. There is no need to consult any other person because this Software is the Oracle in herself and you shall always find the solution or hints to hidden solutions to the problems through this Software. Edinamarry also gives harbingers to the future events, your future condition and animation, etc. Edinamarry gives the indications of your recent past, what happened to you in the past and therefore how you recovered from it, or how you can/would recover from the past condition to a better condition in the future. On rare occasions, you will feel as if someone divine is trying hard to communicate with you. This is called the Divinity in which an individual consults the Oracle for solutions to the problems which are not easy to solve. Future harbingers come less while the current situation and solutions and indicators to problems come first. When you have trust and love in this software, I promise on behalf of the Angels, this Software will become your partner in Divinity! :-) Just Download and have that feeling which Edinamarry surely gives to those who fall in love with her! ;-)

This software is unique and the most comprehensive Divinity software available for free, and for free distribution. You can download and give it to others. No question to download outdated limited but expensive softwares, this is the one with essential divinity instruments right on the screen of your trusted partner Computer. This Software generates only those instructions which are easy for the Gaea and the Angels to remix so that you get the Divinity right in front of your eyes. You just need to believe in and understand what this Software predicts, tells. Something, anyway, and anyhow, if you love it and want the Software to tell, surely it will tell something, anything even or odd. Go on and collect this Software before others do!


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