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Where's George is a fun Money Related web site for tracking US currency movements!

If you are from Canada, be sure to check out Where's Willy? to track your Canadian Currency!

Frequently Asked Questions

   #1 Why does this site exist?
   For fun and because it had not been done yet.
   #2 When did this site get started?
   The site officially went 'live' on December 23, 1998.
   #3 I got this bill with Where's George? on it, What do I do?
   Please go to the Where's George? Home Page
and enter the denomination, series (year), and serial number as well as your current Zip Code and then hit the 'SUBMIT' button. Remember that you need to register before entering any bills in order to put them on your account so you can come back and track where they go next!
   #4 HELP! I followed all the directions, I registered, and then entered this bill I just got with
on it.  But it did not have any history associated with it.  If someone wrote or stamped the address on the bill, it must be in the system. What did I do wrong? What's going on? I really want to see where this bill has been!
   If the bill report you got back had no other entries (be sure to scroll down all the way), then either the person who stamped the bill never entered it, or entered it incorrectly.  Be sure to enter the correct denomination and series, as these are the most common mistakes.  If you email the serial number, denomination, and series to us on the Contact Us Form
we will look into it and let you know what happened.  In the mean time, be sure to properly enter the denomination, serial number, and series when you enter bills.
   #5 Do you make money from this?  If so, how?
   Where's George? was not created to make money or collect email addresses or anything like that.  It was created to simply allow people to track their currency as it circulates around the country and the world.  The funds generated from the banner ads and the Friends program go to help pay for the hardware, software, and bandwidth it takes to keep the site running.  The point is to have fun tracking your dollar bills and interacting with thousands of other fun and interesting people here at Where's George?  Please join in the fun!
   #6 Then who/what pays for the site and keeps it running?
   First and foremost, the site is entirely FREE for all users. It costs you NOTHING to use the site. Second, the site is mostly funded by me, from the banner ads, and from selling Where's George? merchandise (see the George Store
or Cafe Press WG store
) Many users have also joined the OPTIONAL Friends of Where's George?
program for some extra special benefits. I also invest a significant amount of my spare time each week.
   #7 Great, but what is the Friends of Where's George? program?
   It is a program to allow the users to access new and enhanced features for a small monthly contribution. In addition, ALL banner ads are removed for members of the Friends program. Click Here
for information on how to join the program.  Every little bit helps - and thanks for your support.
   #8 Is it legal to write on or mark currency?
   Where's George? does not encourage the defacement of U.S. Currency.  The law defines 'illegal' defacement as defacement that renders bills unfit to be re-issued.
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