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The Money Tracker tracks banknotes traveling around Australia

Introduction What is the Money Tracker?

The Money Tracker is a site that allows you to visually track Australian banknotes as they change hands, travelling all across the country. All you need to do is visit the site, enter your current location and enter your banknote’s denomination and serial number.

 When did the Money Tracker begin? The site became available to the public for the first time on Monday 13 March 2006.

 How and why did the idea originate? The idea originated whilst looking at an exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose, California, USA. This exhibit tracked American banknotes as they travelled across the country. As no similar project seemed to exist in Australia, it seemed like a good idea to create one!

Australian banknotes are made of polymer, and have a vastly longer lifespan than paper-based notes such as American ones. For this reason, there’s the potential for a lot more interesting and useful data on Australian banknotes.

 Evolution of the site
Small beginnings: As the site has only recently launched, there isn’t much data to play with. At the moment, only a few small sets of statistics are available for reading.

 What to look forward to
When more data is gathered on Australian banknotes, more statistics can be presented. As the data grows, look out for new entries in the Statistics page.
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