Author Topic: Where is My Moola is the South African money tracking website  (Read 2040 times)

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Where's My Moola is the South African money tracking  website

Wheres My Moola

Where's My Moola is the South African money tracking website that allows you to track every move of your money as it travels from person to person and town to town around South Africa.

    Create an account and login
    Enter all the serial numbers of your banknotes to start tracking them as they travel around the country
    Wait for emails from us telling you where your moola is

 About This Site

Wheres My Moola was born in a dream I had about 4 months ago (April 2011), I woke from my dream at just after 2am and the dream was still vivid in my mind. I got out of bed and booted up my laptop to see if this idea had ever been done before and discovered it had already been done overseas and originally started in 1998 in the US.

The American version currently has over 180 Million notes tracked and is tracking over a BILLION dollars, but no site existed for South African's to track their Rands.

With seeing that the idea was popular in the US, UK and Europe, my father and I started with the development of Wheres My Moola and since you are now reading this... we are up and running.

Wheres My Moola is 100% free to use and we intend to keep it that way. The only thing we ask in return, is that you spread the word and get all your friends and family to join in the fun.

Happy Tracking!


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